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Eldercare Advocacy Bay Area

Eldercare Advocacy Bay Area, LLC is dedicated to improving the quality of care and quality of life of elders through practice, education and research. We support elders in a variety of ways including: 1) consulting services for dedicated ethical providers; 2) collaborative works with educational and advocacy organizations; 3) expert testimony and consultations for legislators and attorneys; and 4) specialized eldercare navigation for elders and their families.






Cristina Flores, PhD, RN 
              Founder and Principal
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Cristina M. Flores, PhD, RN, has been a registered nurse for 35 years. Her nursing practice has included many aspects of the continuum of care including home health care, assisted living communities, and the acute care hospital. She holds an MA in Gerontology from San Francisco State University and a PhD in Nursing Health Policy from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). She is a consultant, a lecturer for San Francisco State University, and an Adjunct Professor for UCSF.  Dr. Flores has conducted empirical research relative to the quality of care in long-term care for the Institute on Aging in San Francisco and at UCSF. She has developed unique programs in Bay Area Assisted Living communities that drastically improved quality outcomes under her direction and oversight. She serves on the Board of Directors for the National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care and CANHR. Furthermore, she has published several journal articles; multiple book chapters and four books relative to long term care administration and quality of care. 

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