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Eldercare Advocacy

Eldercare Advocacy Bay Area, LLC is dedicated to improving the quality of care and quality of life of elders through practice, education and research. Under the leadership of Dr. Cristina Flores we support elders in a variety of ways including: 1) consulting services for dedicated ethical providers; 2) collaborative works with educational and advocacy organizations; 3) expert testimony and consultations for legislators and attorneys; and 4) specialized case management and eldercare navigation for elders and their families.






Research and Publications
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Dr. Flores’ research interests are in aging, long-term care, residential care, assisted living, quality assurance, quality improvement, and quality of care.  She has been collaborative and instrumental in the co-authorship of three books by Springer Publishing Company:  Assisted Living Administration and Management (2010; second edition 2020) and Long-Term Care Administration and Management (2014).  Click below to see other selected publications 

Practice Areas


-Consultative Services


-Residential Care for the  Elderly (RCFE) 


-Education and Advocacy
-Expert Testimony




Who We Are 
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Cristina Flores, PhD, RN 

Founder and Principal

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